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Hit the Hill 2020 - January 27th

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Rose Schmieg
Shenandoah University



BS Health and PE with a concentration in athletic training, West Chester University. MS in Physical Therapy Arcadia University. Doctor of Health Sciences, University of St. Augustine

Fields of Expertise:

Teaching manual therapy assessment and treatment, particularly regarding pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle, and foot/gait dysfunctions. My current clinical and research experiences have been in the area of Performance Arts Medicine, largely with assessing and treating injuries to dancers.

Professional Highlights:

I have had the opportunity to be a faculty member for years under great leadership. My career has ultimately lead me into administrative roles, such as Directing the Division of Athletic Training and previously the Division of Physical Therapy. Working with such an extensive variety in faculty and students has very much broadened my perspectives on effective teaching, leadership, and problem solving. Highlights have been attaining the NSCA CSCS, APTA OCS, ISSN sports Nutrition Certification (CISSN) and Institute of Physical Therapy Manual Therapy Certifications. I recently received the NATA 25 year service award which I think means that old dogs can still learn new tricks.




Becky Bowers-Lanier, Lobbyist

B2L Consulting


Tanner Howell


Committee Members

Ann-Marie Francis

Jon Almquist

John Knaul

James Buriak

Christopher Young

Amy Schendel

Dave Pawlowksi

Anna Sedory

Lauren Hawkinson

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