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Performance enhancement and strength & conditioning are only one part of what athletic trainers can do for athletes. Not to be confused on the difference between Personal Trainers and Athletic Trainers. One of the many benefits of exercise prescription with an AT is that the individuals needs of injury resolution and preventative maintenance is a major factor in exercise prescription.

Working with patients from initial injury, pre & post surgery, and returning them to sport is a part of the profession I am excited about. Returning United States Marines to full duty is no easy task as they have no sport specific tasks. They all must, run, jump, crawl, and negotiate obstacles to name a few.

Below is one sample exercise program that I prescribe and supervise before returning Marines to full-duty:

•            10 tire flips

•            10 push ups (incline) on tire

•            10 push up (decline) on tire

•            20 sand bag over head press

•            10 each leg walking lunges

•            5-7 pull ups

•            20 bench dips

•            20 each leg mountain climbers

•            :: Repeat 5 times ::

Jay Sedory is a certified athletic trainer for the United States Marines Corps in Quantico, Virginia. He also is an active member and leader of the Virginia Athletic Trainers' Association.

The VATA is committed to improving the quality of health care for Virginian’s through education, advocacy, and cooperative efforts with other health care professionals and organizations.  We actively promote the profession and represent the interests of its membership with integrity.

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