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Tips for Parents

Working together with athletic trainers and other healthcare providers is of critical importance when caring for the young athlete. Athletic trainers are committed to providing student-athletes with quality health care. There are several things to think about when caring for your child who suffers an injury.

For parents:

  1. Have a good understanding of the injury and rely on medical professionals for diagnosis and recognition of the injury.

    • Seek out an athletic trainer or sport medicine trained physician

  2. Be suspicious of cure all drugs, supplements, and remedies

    • Topical ointments have not been shown to have healing properties for injuries. ATs practice evidence based medicine, meaning we incorporate best practices to evaluate and treat injuries.

  3. The Internet can be useful, unreliable, or confusing.

    • WebMD and many apps are available and can provide some insight to common injuries. You also may find conflicting return to play guidelines or conflicting studies.

  4. Your athletic trainer is looking out for your child's health

    • We evaluate short-term and long term goals in a team approach. We not only want them to have a successful season, but also a successful career.

Is your child's school a Safe Sports School?

The Safe Sports School Award recognizes secondary schools that take the crucial steps to keep their athletes free from injuries.

Did you know Virginia has the most Safe Sports School Recipients?  Click HERE to see list of Virginia schools.

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