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Proposed Constitution & Bylaw Amendments

Summary of Constitution & By-law changes

  • President-Elect is required to serve a minimum of 1 year in VATA prior to election. Officer or Committee chair experience is preferred.

  • Removal of paper ballot language from the By-laws

  • Elections will be completed electronically

  • Six month transition/shadowing periods will be added to incoming and outgoing officers to make transitions smoother

  • Region representatives will be elected by only those from that region

  • Treasurer is required to have basic knowledge to work with spreadsheet software

  • Region realignment

    • Current membership by region

      • Region 1- 461

      • Region 2- 182

      • Region 3- 201

      • Region 4- 261

      • Region 5- 162

      • Region 6- 178


  • Proposed membership by region realignment

    • Capital Region- 294

    • Eastern Region- 242

    • Tidewater Region- 235

    • Central Region- 229

    • Western Region- 218

    • Shenandoah Valley Region- 224


  • Why realign the VATA regions

    • This was a proposal brought forth by Danny Carroll (Region 1 Representative) & Katie Grover (Membership Committee Chair) to balance out the current 1,443 VATA members amongst regions

    • Promote better communication amongst regions and facilitate regional VATA involvement


Changes to the Constitution and Bylaws can be found in the document below, with the highlighted area noting the proposed changes.


A region map and listing of the new regions by counties can be found below.

VATA Constitution & By-law Changes

Proposed New Regions by County

Proposed New Region Map, right

The VATA is committed to improving the quality of health care for Virginian’s through education, advocacy, and cooperative efforts with other health care professionals and organizations.  We actively promote the profession and represent the interests of its membership with integrity.

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