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Athletic trainers are increasing their presents in the occupational and industrial setting over the past few years. This setting in growing rapidly in the athletic training world. Athletic trainers can be utilized to work with injury prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for many acute and chronic injuries that occur at work. Having athletic trainers work with these companies and employees actually saves money for businesses by decrease the amount of time missed from work and the amount of worker’s comp claims.


Fire and rescue, armed forces, tactical, public safety

​Public safety, military, fire and rescue, and other tactical occupations have been increasing the use of athletic trainers in their settings. These occupations are taxing on the body and have a high physical demand. Research has been shown that having an athletic trainer on staff to treat the acute and chronic injuries from the initial injury through rehabilitation to return to work has been beneficial for all parties. Athletic trainers are able to see, evaluation, diagnose, and treat these employees faster than waiting on doctor appointments and availability. This means earlier return to work rates and less costs for the employees as physician offices and decreased worker’s comp claims.

Anna Sedory, MS, LAT, ATC


Jay Sedory, Med, ATC, EMT-T



Clinical/ Urgent care - with a physician

In Virginia, many sports medicine and orthopaedic physicians are utilizing athletic trainers as physician extenders in their clinics.  Athletic trainers can help create a smooth flow in the clinic for the physicians. They provide acute care, chronic care, and injury triage. Utilizing an athletic trainer in this setting has been shown to increase the number of patients seen in the office in a day. In return, this has increased the amount of revenue for these companies. More patients are being seen but they are all able to get high quality health care due to having a skilled and specialized health care professional assisting the physicians.


Sarah “Grace” Brooks

Jacqueline Iannicca, MSEd, LAT, ATC, CSCS, ROT, OPE, ITAT



Hospital- outreach with youth sports in communities

Many hospitals are employing athletic trainers to work out in the community providing medical coverage for youth sporting organizations. This work is usually in a perdiem capacity. This is a great way to promote services provided by the hospitals and help the community as a whole. Some hospitals also provide outreach athletic trainers to the local schools. The hospital and the school will get together and create a contract that benefits both parties and their employees.


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